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Wedding Glitter


Why Every Wedding Needs To Have a Glitter Bar ?

Champayne twist

Glamorous Wedding Glitter

It's fun, It's sparkly, and gets guests mingling

Why NotAdd To Your Party !

Our Wedding bar hire offers a large range of  biodegradable cosmetic glitters in lots of colours to sparkle your guests at your special occasion

Our Glitter Bar is available to hire for all types of events across the North West, for weddings, parties, corporate, festivals and more.

What’s included in your booking?

  1. A choice of over 30 glitter colours

  2. 1 Professional glitter artist to apply glitter to your guests.

  3. A Reference book of designs

  4. Glitter adhesives and towel protection

  5. A variety of Gems

  6. Mirror

Hen  Do !

It's Time To  Sparkle !

With Our Hen Do Glitter Bar Party Package £20 per person

We’ve got It covered,  We can come and sparkle you and your friends up with glitter and gems ready to hit the town


1-2 glitter artists

Full glitter bar with glitter & gems

minimum 5 + Guests

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