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The first dance -  is often the highlight of the reception for many wedding guests and a beautiful tradition, still followed by many couples today. A wedding day is full of firsts,  your first kiss, as a married couple, your first time being called Mr & Mrs and your first dance too! so make it special and amazing and you'll never forget it.


Music for the first dance -  choose a song that you both love to listen to, there are no rules about what type of song you can have, it's all about what the two of you find meaningful, you could even create a music play list with your special songs, Cumbria Dj Hire will keep the party flowing by mixing your requests with popular party favourites.


Something for the kids -  weddings can be boring for children with big gaps between food! speeches, keep the little ones laughing and enjoying themselves with a professional entertainer such as a clown, face painters, balloon modellers, they will love it!


Go out with a bang -   at the end of your wedding evening rather than to let your party fizzle out we can ask guests to form a circle at the end of the party during the last dance, or we can ask all guests to join hands in a row to form an arch and the two of you can walk through it.


Time plan -  it may help if you could make a time plan, it doesn't have to be accurate but this can help us plan your evening entertainment  more efficiently.



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